Update: Royal Blue

IMG_3858 copy new postA little update for my beautiful viewers, I missed blogging so much and I have so much to share and not much time to share it, which sucks!!

I felt the need to wish you all a happy Eid & and a wonderful holiday and to let you also know that I’ll be active again during this month which I’m super excited about. If you have any ideas of what I should blog about next let me know in the comments below *hearts*

Sweets day II

photo 2I can’t believe a year has passed on my last sweetsday post.. and here comes again another half traditional half modernized outfit for the day.

What I wore: a bisht by Purpura fashion (Kuwaiti designer), top shop jumpsuit. Paired it with Christian Louboutin brown pumps.

photo 3-2

Unlike the annual-usual over accessorizing during grangao nigh, I went for very little jewels this time, and there were two reasons for that. First, the bisht didn’t really give me much choice. And the second reason is that I was really excited to finally have an occasion and an outfit that fits my 20s inspired necklace that my dad has gotten for me the last time he visited Turkey. The excitement came after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s recent remake of the great Gatsby where the movie had wide ranges of stone and pearl stunners that have made me fall deeper in love with Ziegfeld collection. An addition to the necklace I added two serpenti rings and gold earrings.

photo 1 photo 2photo 4photo 3-3 photo 1 As for the makeup, I almost always have the same exact foundation routine, which I have mentioned previously (here). Few highlights of my makeup on the 14th of Ramadan was maybelline one by one mascara, Tom Ford pure pink lipstick (which is the most worn lipstick I’ve ever owned and I’m very sad they have discontinued it) and finally glow getter fake tan.photwwwwo 2

An advice to glow getter fake tan users: apply it hours before you get ready you’re gonna get AMAZING results. I used to spray it minutes before I leave the house which was a huge mistake it’s gonna stink your cloths and won’t have enough time to sink into your skin. I could see a huge difference when I apply it hours before my date night.

photo wwww3

What’s in my clutch


photo 3 photo 2-1 photo 1-1 photo 2photo 4

Bag: Prada, Cardholder: Chanel, Cosmetic case: Charlotte olympia, Rebel MAC lipstick,  Vendetta Chanel nailpolish, Chanel Correction Perfection Concealer, Valentina perfume.

What I wore: Beachy Nights

photo 2

add picturephoto 2 photo 2 photo 5 photo 3 photo 1 photo 5Dress: Roberto Cavalli, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, earrings: Siman Tu, Lipstick: Saint Germain, eyeshadow: Moshi Moshi/Goody Goody Gum Drop

The Flower Crown & The Ear Jewel

photo2 2I think we have made enough statements with the necklace. That’s where the statement earrings pop in to make a change. I have mentioned before my amazement of constant changeable taste, as I have never imagined myself falling in love with dripping jewels. However, The van der Woodsens through the last couple of years made some changes to how my brain views things. Eric Daman (the stylist of gossip girl) has indeed introduced me to a new era of art and beauty. Not only are they astonishing, they can transform your day-look to night with one head-turning swoop.

As always with statement jeweleries you don’t have to put so much effort into your clothes you can keep it simple & the ear jewel will work its magic for you. “They’ll boost your confidence,” says Vogue Accessories Editor Amalia Keramitsis. “They’re conversation starters that usually involve a compliment.”

An addition to my Woodsens-influenced obsession, is a recent love for flower crowns. Obviously, I’m a die hard flower lover. From peonies, cornflowers to roses & lilies. So when I have the chance to have them as part of my outfit I will certainly not veto.

photo 333

photo 233

photo 41

photo 3photo 1 photo 2 new 1 new1 2photo 23photo1 1

photo 21     photo 124photo 4353Just because they are not meant to be worn every day doesn’t mean you need a formal occasion to put on your favorite pair. These are my favorites (starting from the first picture): all three pieces are by Chanel, Roberto Cavalli Ear cuff, Topshop stars ear cuff, Miu Miu, Impression boutique-not sure what brand got it as a lovely gift-, Mawi, Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, ). Flower crowns: Urban outfitters and Accessorize.